Sheena Jewelry - Handmade & Completely Breath-Taking

So you've updated your wardrobe with a few key pieces from this season, and you've trimmed your bangs (or got bangs, as is the trend these days), but something's still missing to complete your look and outfit - that one thing that will bring it all together and finish it with immense polish and flair.

All you need is Sheena Jewelry, made by the wonderful and incredibly talented - and innovative - Sheena Purcell, a Canadian designer based in Montreal.
Handmade and one-of-a-kind or of a limited production, you get something that is incredibly lust-worthy without having to worry about everyone and their cousin wearing it.

What I love about Sheena's work is that it straddles right in between ultra modern and yet there is something quite classic and even sometime familiar about her pieces. Like something your grandmother or mom might have had and handed down and now has been reworked into something contemporary and achingly cool.

Take this Bronze Antique Lace Necklace (pictured above) which is both a little Anna Karenina and Kate Middleton, wouldn't you say? Kate Moss too, I think, would want to rock this stunner. I really love how it's extremely delicate yet is still a statement piece. In other words, it's not only going to work with everything in your wardrobe, it's going to take you from wardrobe misfit to warrior. I can't stop wearing it with everything from worn tees to silk dresses. And you can indulge even further in the lace trend with the fabulous Lilibet Lace Ring or Dalia Lace Ring, the stellar Chevron Lace Necklace and the completely heart-stopping Long "Collar" Lace Necklace.

Swoon. Drool. Faint.

And what about this studmuffin - a Skinny Tie Clip that comes personalized in sterling silver and custom stamped. Your fella will look like a prince with this on his chest. And while we're at it, why does it have to be a guy wearing a tie? This l'il beaut means I'm going to go out get me a few cute numbers just so I can wear this. How freakin' cool is that? The accessory is so fantastic, you'll go out and get stuff to wear with it.

The other thing I really admire about Sheena's style is that she changes it out throughout her line - there are delicate gold rings, thick wedding bands and oh-so-feminine and chic dangling earrings. I can't stop thinking about these aquamarine ones - it's like having the ocean right in the crook of your neck. And the Lilac Bud Necklace is so ethereal, it makes me want to up my clothing ten notches and start wearing sheer tops and tuxedo cigarette pants with towering heels and carry clutches instead of my billowing purses. I love the bold colour and size of the Turquoise Faceted Stone Long Necklace. I feel like if I wore it, it would make me braver somehow. Like I'd pair it with a tangerine top or dress and totally blow the minds of those that know me - head-to-toe black or grey. And the Rose Quartz Arrow Necklace blends that jump-up-and-down-with-delight femininity with a modern edge that truly makes everything you wear seem uber cool and decidedly designer, even though it's all no-name brands from thrift shops and bargain shops.

Sheena Jewelry is handcrafted with true heart, dedication and supreme talent. And it's affordable. And it can be yours right this very second.

Find it on Etsy, Anthropologie, General 54 and Impact Galerie in Halifax at Seeds Gallery and in Park Slope, Brooklyn at Urban Alchemist.

Stephanie Dickison

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