Secret's New Gloss Pantyhose - Natural Never Looked So Sexy

I want to thank Kate Middleton for bringing back sheer nylons. To me, nothing is sexier than an all-natural leg that's been just slightly highlighted by superb hose.

So you can imagine my glee at discovering Secret's New Gloss Pantyhose.

I love that look that models have where their legs are glistening with oil - they look long, lean and exceptionally athletic. Now I can have that look anytime I want it, without the slick, oily feel (hard to do in winter anyway).

What is remarkable about these hose is not only how supremely gorgeous they make your legs look, like they've been dipped in gold or silver (say hello to the newest Bond girl), but how amazing they feel on. There's a wonderful airy-ness about them that makes you feel like they are simply floating above and around your gams, not constricting them like your usual nylons.

Made in Italy, Secret Gloss come complete with a control pantry, to keep you looking slim no matter how big the buffet and enough elastane to keep 'em ever from bunching or scrunching. Select from Nude, Blush Beige, Silver and Black (I recommend one of each for the holiday season) and various sizes and styles (full leg and stay ups).

Want to look glam in an instant? All you need are Secret Gloss, available at major retailers nationwide.

Stephanie Dickison

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