Kérastase Elixir Ultime Oléo Complexe - Custom-Made Scented Oils for Divine Hair

When you hear the term "oil," I bet haircare isn't the first thing that comes to mind. 

But if it's being made by Kérastase - one of the best haircare lines in the world (so true - everything I've ever tried by them has completely bowled me over and given me the hair of a Hollywood star) -  you know it's going insanely addictive and life/hair-changing.
  is a collection of 4 Grand Cru formulations, each enriched with Oléo Complexe, four precious oils and rare perfumes inspired by legendary scents that not only enhances the feel of your hair (so soft that you'll want to run your fingers through it all day long), but the look (how did your hair get to be this sleek and shiny without a team of professionals at your side?) and smell (as alluring as any perfume in your collection).

You can use it on wet or dry hair, so customize it to how you like to do things at home: I like to dry and style my hair and then sweep it through my strands at the end. The result? Some of the best hair days of my life, thanks to this wonder. It's all about:

- Beautiful gloss without being weighed down
- Nourished strands that feel as healthy as they were before I started colouring my hair decades ago
- Locks that effuse the most delicate, yet intoxicating scent

It's easy to discern which one is right for you:

Grand Cru Elixir Ultime for Fine & Sensitised Hair:
Rich in vitamin E and Millenium Rose, yet light to the touch, this floral scent is inspired by Aroma Tonic from Lancôme and protects your delicate mane from UV radicals.

Grand Cru Elixir Ultime for Damaged Hair:
Infused with vitamins A and C and Immortal Moringa with lotsa calcium, iron and magnesium for your ravaged locks. If you detect Flower by Kenzo, you're on the nose. The woodsy, exotic scent was the influence here.

Grand Cru Elixir Ultime for Colour-Treated Hair (this is the one I use for my usually lacklustre tresses): 
Imperial tea gives your colour depth it's never had before and check out the texture and shine - without a stitch of brassiness. And what is that alluring scent? It's a little like Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel, isn't it? So elegant and sophisticated.
There is also Grand Cru Elixir Ultime for All Hair Types available.

I'm telling you - one try of and Kérastase Elixir Ultime Oléo Complexe you'll be oiling up every day.

Stephanie Dickison

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