Closer by Halle Berry - The Law of Attraction

Back in 2011, I wrote about Halle Berry's first scent. And it's just as addictive a scent today as it was back then.

But you and I, we've grown and evolved since then and it's time to change things up, take things up a notch.

Say hello to Closer by Halle Berry, kind of the sexier, more grown-up version of Halle's first perfume. As you can tell by the packaging (pictured above), it's about to get hot up in here

What is fascinating about this scent is that as you first spray it on, it is quite exotic and forward, but just wait 5 minutes and see what unfurls - a delicate, enticing scent that oozes feminine guile.

A heady blend of waterlily, fougere accord,violet flowers and mimosa, one of Halle's favorite flowers, gives it an unmistakably unique allure, while notes of mahogany wood and cashmere musk keep it warm and approachable.

Closer is all about shared connections and something tells me that you'll encounter a lot more wearing this fresh, yet intoxicating scent.

Closer by Halle Berry is available in drugstores and mass retailers.

Stephanie Dickison

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