Bluapple - Go Ahead & Have a Busy Life. Your Produce Will Be Just Fine.

Here's a quick rundown of my life and my fridge:

Because I absolutely love to cook, I get excited about groceries and possible meals that I'm going to make so I do a huge shop and stock the cupboards and fridge with a host of amazing ingredients in which I hope to prepare restaurant worthy meals for me, my fella, friends and family.

However, despite my wonderful intentions, I get invited to a product launch event one night, I go to a restaurant review earlier in the week than expected and then I end up working late to deadline, so we get takeout.  

What used to happen is this: I'd open up the fridge and all of those gorgeous ingredients, especially the organic ones, would be wilted, soggy and unusable. I'd have to toss out much of the lot and not only have to go out and do it all over again, all that precious cashola that I had spent was basically thrown out too.

Now this is how I roll: I got myself Bluapple, which prolongs your produce. Using the same ethylene gas absorption that growers and shippers use, your fruit and vegetables get an extra lease on life. I don't want to get too technical, but it's pretty neat. And boy does it work (you can also use it in your countertop fruit bowl as well - your bananas won't know what hit 'em) - I went and did a big shop and then got laryngitis and was extremely sick for weeks. I was exhausted and able to do little more than do a bit of work and then get back on the couch under the covers. Once I started to feel better, I opened up the vegetable crisper, thinking that it would be a big soggy, slimy mess like always. Instead, thanks to my Bluapple, my lettuce was still crisp, my carrots still bursting with juiciness and my sugar snap pea still had plenty of snap left in 'em.

Each Bluapple lasts 3 months and is refillable (just snap open your Bluapple and replace the absorbent pack inside). Unlike other produce preservers, the absorbent pack here is not only Organic, non-toxic and non-allergenic, it's so environmentally friendly, you can open it and add it to your houseplants when you're done with it. 

You can feel good about using it right next to the food you'll soon ingest and if you're like me and can never remember when you refilled something or even remember to label something with the date, not to worry - simply tell Bluapple when you refilled it and they'll email you when it's time to change it.

I love that it's not just affordable, it saves you hundreds of dollars a year on food that would have otherwise ended up in the trash. And with life being so crazybusy, you can't always predict when things will come up. What you can count on is, with Bluapple in your fridge, your produce will be right there when you need it.

Get your own Bluapple now and always have fresh fruit and veg, no matter what your schedule.

Stephanie Dickison

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