Vintage TeaWorks - One of the Best Teas Ever. And Inspired By Great Wines too.

Vintage TeaWorks is one of the most delicious brands of tea I have ever tried (and I'm half-British, so I've been drinking tea since I was a kid).

And the bonus? The line brings tea and wine together using all-natural ingredients.  

Brandon Ford, the Founder of Vintage TeaWorks, has spent the last ten years studying and teaching others about wine and has used wine as the inspiration for the line's blends.

The brilliance of the line is that they really do have the characteristics of both the tea and the wine, providing the most delicious cup of tea that you'll be tempted to serve it in a wine glass. It is also gives those of us lushes a wonderful chance to indulge without the extra calories, headaches or poor judgement that often accompanies a glass too many.

I recommend trying the entire line, not just for yourself, but to offer to guests when they visit. They'll be talking about the best cup of tea they had for weeks after their stay. And I'd stock up on these for the holidays too:

White Tea Riesling:  This blend of white tea, lemon grass, apricot fruit, lemon myrtle, lilly flower petals, jasmine flower petals and natural flavorings feels light a Riesling from the first fruity, floral sip. Pair this with your next Indian curry or fettucine alfredo for a perfectly balanced meal.

Green Tea Sauvignon: A combination of green tea, organic grapefruit peel, calendula marigold flower petals and natural flavorings is unbelievably refreshing and interesting. It's a wonderful way to unwind after a long day.

Oolong Chardonnay: Just because it's not summer doesn't mean you can't enjoy a little Chardonnay. This sexy concoction of oolong tea, papaya fruit, vanilla bean, cinnamon, rose petals, orange peel, and natural flavoring will have you at least mentally dockside this winter.

Rooibos Noir: Inspired by pinot noir, organic rooibos, organic mango fruit, blueberry fruit, hibiscus petals, cornflower petals, rose petals and natural flavorings delivers that same fruity, light-bodied flavour that you get from the wine. How lucky are we to have it in the form of tea?

Black Tea Merlot: Merlot is always a crowd pleaser and so is this tea - black tea, black currant fruit, licorice pieces, blue malva petals and natural flavorings offer gorgeous, memorable medium to full-bodied flavour, just like the wine.

Pu-erh Cabernet: This tea is a fantastic holiday drink as the aromas and flavours of pu-erh tea, cinnamon, vanilla beans, raisins, cloves, safflower petals and natural flavorings make you feel instantly warm, cozy and jolly.

Shop the entire Vintage TeaWorks collection. It truly is the best of both worlds, all in one beautiful container.

Stephanie Dickison

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