Ulterior Motive Wallets - Streamline Your Wallet Stylishly

I am always searching for ways to simplify things - my closets, my desk, my mind... 

One of the best places to start is your wallet. Take a look at your wallet right now - I bet you ten to one that you've got a stack of receipts bulking up the place, a bunch of loyalty cards of places you went to two years ago and little notes you wrote to yourself or someone else that you've never been able to decipher (that might be just me - have you seen my handwriting?). It's time to get in there and revamp how you're keeping your money and your purse/pocket real estate.

Ulterior Motive Wallets might be made for men, but I think they are a great way for us gals to pare everything down to just the basics - id, cards and a little cash. Done. And stylish too (they're from Sweden where everything is sleek and beautiful).

If you're ultra modern and keep everything pristine, you'll want the Sienna Wallet or Bone Wallet (pictured above, that genuine white leather with red stitching is so striking, don't you think?). The Crayfish or Crayfish Inverted is suited for those of you not willing to streamline so drastically yet, giving you a little more room in which to breathe, but still delivering sumptuous, thick leather that makes you feel like a million bucks - even if you've just got 20 to your name.

For those of you ready to to go all in and just carry what you need, but you still want to be stylish, get Ulterior Motive's Hunter in genuine leather of various colours - dark blue, red, pale green, dark green - keeping things interesting (because who wants to carry around just one colour for the next couple of years?). This awesome little deck gives you four slots  - two slots on side, one on the other, and one in between. You can keep it to a card a slot, but something tells me that while you'll start out that way, all innocent, it won't last long. You'll shove 2 or 3 into one pocket. That's okay. Leather stretches. But remember, you're trying to keep it down to just the necessities (it's time to let go of the sub cards and coupons from 2011).  But it absolutely gives you just enough space for your essentials without looking like you've been storing receipts since the 90's.

So shop Ulterior Motive now for you and the fellas. Why should they have all the fun?

Stephanie Dickison

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