Take Flight with The Scent of Departure Perfumes

Sigh. Don't you wish you could travel more, see the sights, experience different cultures and customs?

The North American work ethic, however, doesn't often leave time for such a thing, so you've got to be creative and think outside the box - how can I wander the globe without actually leaving my desk?

Perfumer Gérald Ghislain and designer Magali Sénéquier set out to "crystallize the spirit of twenty unique and international world-class cities through a perfumatory prism."

And man did they do it superbly. Even the packaging and product copy is brilliant.

Come and board the following destinations with me:

- Mmm. NYC is just like two of my favourite spots - Central Park and Bryant Park in spring. Clean and fresh with green and crispy apple, lilac, white music and lotus flower, it's a bright, sunny scent that oozes optimism and energy. And it's as enveloping and addictive as the city itself.

- LAX is my kind of fragrance - light, yet sophisticated. A little grapefruit, plum bergamot, gardenia, sandalwood and amber amongst others, gives you this slight halo of allure and confidence, without ever letting go of who you truly are. Get ready, this one's going to attract a crowd...

- Wow is LHR a stunner. It's a fascinating blend of pine, turf, leaves, lemon, orange, marine accord, treemost and blonde wood, that smells of forest and city simultaneously. It's so enticing and uplifting, you'll be spraying the whole house with it. 

- If you always reach for the exotic scents, IST is for you. It's smoky and sexy, illicit and yet quite approachable. Pink berries, rose, violet, pepper, and cinnamon swirl around you giving you an air of worldliness, without ever having to leave the comfort of home.

Shop the entire Scent of Departures Destinations. No passport required. Just a whole new way to bring the world home.

Stephanie Dickison

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