Stay Golden Journal - The Most Positive Notebook You'll Ever Own

Some days you need all the help you can get.

It might be that you simply need:

- more time
- a long walk
- some quiet
- a hug
- some perspective
- a good talk with a friend

When you're looking to be uplifted, just keep the Stay Golden Journal by The Great Lakes Goods on hand and all will be brighter in an instant.

See, this brilliant notebook gives you a luscious 192 pages in which to jot down your feelings, goals, lists and whatever else you've got on your mind/need to work out. Complete with metallic gold ink lines and insanely positive sayings and illustrations ("Stay Golden," "Yea!" "Dream On," "Things Are Looking Up," "You Can Have It All," and a cluster of balloons), it's the most celebratory accessory you can have. I mean, just look at the cover - it oozes positivity and joyousness.

I wish I could be there to talk with you, give you a hug or provide you with the quiet you so deserve. In my place, I give you the Stay Golden Journal

I keep mine right at my side. The cover alone (pictured above) makes me giddy and the pages within fill me with hope.

I hope it will for you too.


Stephanie Dickison

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