LoopRope - You Can Finally Say You're Holding It All Together

Whether you live in the city or the country, at some point you need to lug a bunch of stuff somewhere and you need a really great and easy way to do it.

LoopRope will come in awfully handy for all those times that you're:

- bundling yet another IKEA dresser on top of the car
- camping 
- shooting a short film 
- doing home renovations
- having a garage sale
- putting away lawn furniture for the winter

Really, anything you need to tie stuff together and hold in place securely, LoopRope ought to be your go-to tie system. 

It's simple to use, fully adjustable and you never have to knot a thing. Jeff Dahl, owner and inventor, has made a rope that never tangles, thanks to the loops that he's integrated into the main rope.

You simply wrap it around the item and secure it with the stainless steel clips that are included. One 5' LoopRope gives you 8 custom tie down lengths and over 14 attachment points, making it quick and easy to wrap things up, get on the road, put another load on the truck...

With all that time you've save, you'll be able to:

- make another trip to IKEA for that chair you were lusting after
- grab some sushi after scoring that great set of luggage from the flea market
- take all that wood from your kitchen reno down to Habitat for Humanity

Get yourself LoopRope and you'll never have to struggle to keep it all together again.

Stephanie Dickison

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