Healthy Steps Portion Control Cooking Tools - Just Watch Your Weight Melt Away

I am really trying to lose weight. But the challenges of daily life can make it hard to keep on a strict diet and adhere to proper portions. Especially for me when it comes to dinner. It's my favourite meal and I don't eat tons throughout the day, so this is my chance to tuck in and really enjoy it. Also, it's the only meal that I don't rush through or eat while walking. 

So you can imagine that my portions might, ahem, be a little heartier than others. And I've tried everything - smaller dinner plates (then we just go back for seconds), more vegetables, etc. and nothing has really worked.

Their amazing portion control cooking tools portion out my food so that I don't have to guesstimate what a deck of cards is or 1/4 cup of anything. I just use their tools and it keeps me on track - no games, no guessing. And if I choose to get more, I know that I'm exceeding my limit for the day.

I recommend starting with the incredible The Healthy Steps Portion Control Serving Set. These 3 tools will get you on the right track. The set includes:

- 1 slotted spoon for vegetables
- 1 solid spoon for starches
(potatoes, rice, etc.)
- 1 spatula for protein 

Each one is pre-measured so all you need to do is scoop , sit and enjoy. The portions are already taken care of - you'll see which is which by the small lettering on the spoons and the spatula head is the size of protein you take.

I think they are extremely attractive as well. No one will ever know that you're carefully watching your waistline as you serve your meal. They are also heat-resistant to 400°F and dishwasher safe.

And because I loooove soups, sauces and gravies, the Serving Ladle is also a necessity. I love knowing that I'm taking just enough to fill me without stuffing myself  or going overboard. Of course, if I make my Thai Curry Broccoli Soup, then perhaps all bets are off - otherwise, I'll be good, I promise.

The Pasta Basket is a brilliant idea as well. I mean, I can't think of one person I know who doesn't pile up their plate when it's spaghetti night...

Their fabulous Total Tea Infuser has nothing to do with portion control, but it is by far THE BEST DESIGNED TEA INFUSER I'VE EVER USED. I used captial letters here because you really must know how extraordinary it is - your fingers never have to touch the basket and yet, you can fill it, then steep and strain your tea with such ease, it's practically like having your own tea butler. Seriously, I have been searching for a strainer like this my whole life. I've avoided making loose-leaf teas all this time because it's always been such a thing. Ugh. Now, it's a complete dream. I make it all the time now. It's crazy.

And these are just a few of the tools they offer - check out their entire line.

Healthy Steps will change how you eat - and drink tea. For the oh-so-much better.

What are you waiting for? Shop now.

Stephanie Dickison

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