Luc-Co, Inc. Fish Hook Convertibles Doubles Your Earring Collection

Despite fashion trends changing so quickly these days, I find I'm so tired of a look by the end of the season. And sometimes even just as it's begun (I blame the internet for my increasingly depleting attention span).

That's why when I came across Luc-Co, Inc.'s Earring Converters, I was thrilled by the prospect of having a whole new way to wear my earrings. 

It's really like doubling your collection, because you can still wear your earrings as is, and then just switch them onto the Interchangeable Fish Hook and Post Earring to Fish Hook Converters with just a quick change. Then you can switch them back when you want to wear them as intended.

I almost always wear stud earrings because I often change clothes and outfits for various work and personal functions that changing my earrings is the last thing I ever remember to do. Now, with my fish hook converters, I can wear my usual flower/pave/silver/gold studs and then rework them as dangling beauties as well. I love being able to switch it up at a moment's notice. For the fish hooks, you simply slide your regular earring over it and for your post studs, simply press them into the hole and enjoy your brand new look.

These converters are lead, nickle, and irritation free, so they work on my delicate ears and they come both silver and gold plated (I recommend getting both, especially at these low prices), so you can rock one look during the day and then rock another when the sun goes down.

Life is too short to not try new things and change things up.

    Stephanie Dickison

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