Dream Water - Get A Good Night's Sleep For Once, Naturally

I am not a great sleeper. Ever since a long bout of insomnia in my teens and experiencing actual growing pains during a growth spurt in my 20s, I go through long periods where I sleep fitfully, if at all. 

I of course, have tried various remedies with usually varying success and almost always a side effect or two (sleeping pill - dry, metallic mouth all day, lavender sprays - calming, but don't keep me asleep, etc.), but often I will just go through the motions of tossing and turning or simply get up at 4:30 a.m. and try to work as much as I can throughout the day.

So when I heard about Dream Water, I was skeptical - no doubt it might lull me to sleep, but that's not usually the problem. It's the staying asleep until it's time to get up that I need help with. But I thought it was worth a shot. And the fact that it's an all-natural product with 0 calories certainly helped sway me too.

I was told to try half a bottle of this liquid sleep and relaxation shot first. The bottle is only 2.5 fl oz (74 ml) so it's small to begin with (and small enough to take on your carry-on - woo woo), so I was a little skeptical that such a small amount would work, but I do what I'm told, so I drank just half the bottle. It's absolutely delicious by the way - I tried Snoozeberry, a blueberry pomegranate blend, and it was delightful. I read for about 20 minutes and then drifted off to sleep.

The next thing I knew it was 5:45 a.m. and I woke naturally before my alarm starting its flurry of beeps and wails (my alarm goes off rather early). What's remarkable about Dream Water is that not only did I sleep through the night, I woke feeling rested - that kind of rested that you usually feel one day on the second week of vacation where your entire mind and body fully relax for the first time since your last vacation - but I didn't feel groggy, have a weird taste in my mouth or feel depleted in any way. In fact, I felt fantastic. Like I could get more done in an hour than I had in the last week.

I love that it's natural and that it only took half the bottle to give me a good night's sleep and that it tastes good.

But most of all, I am ever so grateful for discovering Dream Water because now I know that I can get a good night's sleep no matter what.

Stephanie Dickison

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