DOT Marc Jacobs - Another Extraordinary MJ Fragrance

Marc Jacobs has made some scents that are to absolutely die for I never tire of Daisy and Lola (I wear them as least once a week) and when my fella wears Bang, all hell breaks loose. In a good way.

Another stellar fragrance from one of the best designers of our time is DOT Marc Jacobs. Inspired by his love of polka dots, it's a sunny, optimistic scent that's extremely feminine and fun without being too twee or tween. It is on the sweet side, but what I love about Marc's blends is that it's always a subtle and warms as you wear it. Red berries, dragonfruit and honeysuckle tangle together with jasmine, coconut water and orange blossom, finishing with the warmth of vanilla, driftwood and musk. It really is insanely delightful - every time I wear it, I smile and feel fantastic. Like I can do almost anything.

Isn't that how perfume should make you feel?

Plus, you get the bonus of a bottle, designed by MJ and  Sayuri Shoji, that will rock your dresser like no other - the cute polka dots and oversized butterfly-inspired cap are sure to draw a crowd.

Get your own DOT Marc Jacobs now. In fact, you'd better get a handful - you're going to want these on hand once the holidays arrive. You'll be the Best. Friend. Ever.

Stephanie Dickison

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