Daycraft 2013 Diaries - Start the Year Off on the Right Foot

I don't want to alarm you, but it's getting close to the end of the year, which means you need a 2013 diary. I know that your usual routine is to go to your closest office supply store and get something utilitarian, but you're better than that. Your life's events deserve better than that.

Which is why you should get yourself Daycraft Diaries.

I have been falling for Daycraft since I discovered their heavy on design notebooks and  innovatively designed notebooks - fantastic gifts whether you're shopping for friends and colleagues or just for yourself.

Continuing  their exquisite craftmanship and design with the Diary Collections, you can now plan your day/week/month in uber style. Buh-bye boring agendas, and hello looking forward to making dates and plans again.

The Signature Diaries are case bound in a duo tone soft cover that you won't be able to let go of, for it's as soft as a puppy's ear. Choose the colour that best expresses yourself or go the other way and add of pop of colour to your otherwise muted desktop. Inkjet printed edges displays the year 2013 along the edge - so cool - and the week's view on gorgeous cream, high quality paper allows you to get a good look at what you've got to do in the coming days and plan ahead.

If you like a little more room to record your appointments and to dos, the Executive Diary (pictured above, in green) is for you. A little bigger than a pocket, but nowhere near desk size, you finally have enough room to write down the important stuff without having to lug around encyclopedic weight. A page a day allows you to diarize your day instead of just capturing meetings and lunches. The cover is similar to the Signature - uber soft and quite sexy - but a little sturdier, making it the perfect agenda to keep at your side whether you're working from home or on an airplane. The paper is pure Daycraft - so lush, you'll look forward to writing down your engagements for once. I mean just imagine that feeling of exquisiteness every single day.

That's the way to plan and live your life, don't you agree? The sheer elegance alone will make such a difference in your day, you'll never be able to go back to office supply diaries after you've spent the year with Daycraft.

Shop Daycraft Diaries now.

Stephanie Dickison

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