Thermal-Aid's 100% Natural Heating & Cooling Pads Also Comes in the Awesome Form of a Bear

I grew up, ahem, a long time ago and thus, hot water bottles were pretty generic back then. They were red or blue and they were made out of thick rubber that was scored along the front and back. But man did it bring me a ton of comfort. My Mom is the best Mom E-V-E-R and between her TLC and that squishy rubber blob, I always felt better after a good cuddle with the water bottle.

I've always wanted another one as an adult, but nothing has ever come close to being as good. 

Until now.

Thermal-Aid is like a modern take on a hot water bottle, but it's portable, all-natural, heats and/or cools, is long-lasting, and is washable and microwaveable. It's made for our needs right now. The aches and pains that come with the frenetic daily life of 2012. Sigh. Don't you feel better already knowing that it's available for those times that you need ?

But here's the most incredible part - it comes in the form of a teddy. Now I could have been a grown up and got one of the lovely adult ones, but I went with the bear. Honey Bear, actually (pictured above). 

See, I think that holding a bear instantly makes you feel better. And one that heats and cools? That is made of natural cotton and filled with specially engineered corn kernels that hold temperatures evenly for long periods of time. Oh man, this is love and comfort right here.

And they are made so well that you can use them with your pets - even if they chew right through it, the contents are all natural, so it won't harm them. That combined with how affordable it is, how can you not have these in your house?

Honey Bear can't replace my Mom's incredible care, but it does replace the hot water bottle I've gone without all of these years.

Thank you, Thermal-Aid. I feel better already. 

Stephanie Dickison

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