Talika Bust Serum 2.0 - That Whole "Chest Out, Stomach In" Just Became a Reality

A couple of years ago, I tried Talika's Bust Serum and it helped increase my uh, chestoral area. But time goes on and after 2 years of aging, downing deep-fried sweetbreads and foie gras, that area has decided to again go south for the winter.

So I've enlisted the help of Talika Bust Serum 2.0, which I take it, is like a new Rihanna remix - familiar but with a little extra oomph.

And a little extra oomph is exactly what I need approaching yet another birthday. Although I am lucky enough to have somewhat perky breasts, I have noticed that I've lost the firmness I once had. In my stomach area too - I wonder if I can apply the serum to my abs and thighs...

But back to my bust (that's not awkward at all):  I've been applying Talika Bust Serum 2.0 (full of interesting ingredients like mukul bark extract and hyaluronic acid ) for a month now and I am telling you - it's like a 23-year-old down there. My breasts are firm and supple and definitely pulled up significantly.  

It's amazing that just a few moments a day of applying the serum can make such a difference. So if you see me and I look a little more voluptuous than usual, you won't have to whisper to friends that I've gone under the knife - it's simply thanks to Talika.
p.s. Talika will donate $3 per bottle of serum sold in the US on Talika.com to enhance The Creative Coalition¹s Art & Education program.

Stephanie Dickison

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