Geo F. Trumper - Shaving Has Never Been So Luxe or Smelled So Good

You might think that all shaving creams are made alike, but I assure you - you've never experienced shaving cream like London's Geo F. Trumper's.

I never thought it would be possible to get it in such a luxurious, silky concoction or in such a dizzying array of intoxicating scents - Almond, Coconut Oil, Eucris, Violet, Rose and Spanish Leather. It's like bringing a spa right into the comfort of your own bathroom.  It's like being on vacation - the tropical, exotic scents enveloping you, taking the tension out of your shoulders. And afterwards, you'll notice how your skin is so much softer, silkier than it was - it's like it's been injected with a layer of moisture and suppleness that you can dimly remember from sometime in your youth. See? Your drugstore shaving cream is doing none of these things for you, is it?

And so you'll want to gift any man in your life Geo F. Trumper's Colognes as well. These are deeply rich and of a earlier, simpler time. You'll picture burly men like Hemingway in leather chairs smoking cigars and dapper gents such as Clarke Gable splashing themselves in these decidedly manly scents. You'll be craving a fine single-malt scotch and literature after you've tried Astor, Bay Rum, Eucris, Sandalwood, Spanish Leather and the completely unique fragrance - West Indian Extract of Limes.

Life is too short not to feel and smell wonderful.

Stephanie Dickison

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