Cath Kidston 2013 Large Agenda - Room to Write

Do you remember the small square pocket calendar that Hallmark used to give out at their stores with a purchase of a card? I used to live and breathe by those. 

But nowadays, you need something a little bigger. After all, you do so much and have so much to do. Those little pocket calendars with horses and lighthouses on the cover just don't cut it anymore. But you don't want to heft around a full sized planner either. I mean, have you seen your bag? It can't take anymore weight or it'll bust in two...

I have found the perfect solution with the amazing Cath Kidston 2013 Large Agenda. It has everything for the woman on the go:

- pretty roses on the cover (because being stylish is just as important as being organized)
- a plastic cover (because we both know that life can be messy)
- zip pocket at back (finally, somewhere to stash those receipts and dry cleaning stubs instead of the bottom of my purse)
- month-at-a-glance pages (because we need to know where we're going)
- week-at-a-glance pages (because we need to know what's happening right now and be able to write all that we need to do this week)
- address book (because despite being chained to our cellphones, it's nice to be able to just turn the page instead of having to scroll through screens)
- it's all done with that impeccable Cath Kidston style - pretty polka dots, clean text and little embellishments on the page that make it all so much more enjoyable than something corporate and stark from the office supply store.

In other words, it's absolutely perfect.

Stephanie Dickison

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