Temma Shiki Co. Ltd. Baking Accessories Are So Cute, You'll Want to Open a Bakery

I am not a great baker, but as I get older, I do find great comfort in baking for friends and family. So while my recipes may be simple, they are made with immense love and gratitude.

Packaging them has never been my strong suit either. They always look, well, er, homemade. Like from a 5-year old. So anything I can do to make them appear a little more adult and professional is always welcome. But really, what's a girl who's not crafty in the least to do?

Temma Shiki Co. Ltd. to the rescue! This amazing Japanese paper container company has been around since 1949 and carries the most incredible line of paper containers, paper baking cups, muffin cups and much more (their product line includes over 1000 items!).

What's even more remarkable is how pretty and sweet their papers are and that they are practically non-stick and oven-safe, so you pour in your batter or dough, put 'em in the oven and what come out are the most beautiful treasures. Here, have a look at the simple spice cake that I made and how Temma's gorgeous and fun containers completely transformed them:

Just imagine pouring your handcrafted (or right outta the box) mix into an unbleached kraft paper baking tray  with "Bonne Chance" written on  it, or do as I did and make muffins and cupcakes in the cutest wrappers like Cupcake Party Animals, Cake, Eggs and Vegetable. Irresistible!

Cone Sleeves are a stunning way to present your baked goods. I cannot get over the Frosted White Cups and these delicate Pure Cups with gold and silver detailing. Can you believe you can bake these right in the oven?

There are ones shaped like hearts and stars and Curled Cups can look very country or modern, depending upon your dessert and presentation.

From now on, Temma Shiki Co. Ltd. is where I'm going for all of my baking needs. See how to purchase these amazing beauties in your area. You'll never have to worry about your desserts looking boring or unprofessional again.

Stephanie Dickison

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