New Radiance Skincare Brings the Beauty Secrets of the Far East to the West

 I am all for technology breakthroughs, but I am also a firm believer in old school techniques and traditions. So when it comes to skincare, it's nice when you find a blending of the two.

One of my most recent discoveries is New Radiance Skincare.

Using "centuries old elements used to maintain youth in India and Asia," such as green tea, ayurvedic medicine and aromatherapy with organic Thai jasmine and advanced Western developments such as a "patented nanotechnology targeted delivery system that improves dermal transport of core Vitamin components into deeper skin layers," you get skin that simply glows.
I tried the Green Tea Glo Anti-Oxidant Cream, which has a lovely, fresh, clean, yet subtle scent of jasmine and green tea. It's packed full of vitamins (A, B3, C, E, folic acid) and co-enzyme Q-10, so that you're skin is nourished as well as moisturized. It's quite a light cream, which is ideal for this time of year, and the scent is immediately calming and soothing, so it's a fantastic way to start your day - ahhhh!

It's suitable for all skin types and can be used twice a day. 

Get the benefits of having both age-old beauty secrets from the East and scientific breakthroughs from the West all at once with New Radiance Skincare.



Barb said...

sounds lovely. where can I get it?

gottheknack said...

Hi Barb,

Thanks for your question. You can shop for it right online - If you need further information, you can reach New Radiance at

Many thanks for reading the knack!

Warmest wishes and big hugs,

Stephanie Dickison
Publisher & Editor - the knack


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