Yves Rochers New Spring 2012 Lumielle Collection Pops with Colour!

Since the days are getting warmer, don't you want to rev up your look a little? Add some colour?

Well thanks to the incredible Yves Rocher - one of my favourite beauty companies of all time - you can stock up on great new colourful makeup without spending a ton!

Lumienelle, their new line of cosmetics just in time for spring features 31 new products that fit your busy, stylish lifestyle and budget!

They also happen to come in lovely mini-sizes, perfect for travel, whether that means jetting across continents or just heading from work to the gym to home! It also means that you can get a whole whack of them and still have room to spare in your cosmetics storage area and the bottles, compacts, etc. contain 77% less plastic - better for you and the planet!

Check 'em out:

Their gorgeous, luminous, weightless Eyeshadows go on like a dream, thanks to camelia oil that not only slips on like silk, but delivers great colour! You can choose from a light shimmer for day and move onto the sparkly ones for evening. If you prefer a lighter shade, go for Snow White, White Gold, Rose Petal or Copper Gold. If you want something more dramatic, then you'll love Nude Peach, Blue Steel and Marsh Green. And for those of you with sensitive eyes, rejoice - these were formulated with you in mind!

Lipsticks haven't been in the spotlight much since glosses take over, but I think these will change your mind. The new Luminelle Lipsticks are perfect for those of us who want colour without look matte or overdone. In other words, these are ultra-modern lipsticks, made for us girls would want something that moisturizes and nourishes our lips while adding a hit of colour. No flaking, no fussing - this right here is the way lipstick should look and feel. Go big and bold with Red Apple or Coral or play it cool with Raspberry, Soft Pink or Chestnut. Either way, you're going to look incredible and your lips are going to stay supple all day/night long!

If you're like me and need a little extra TLC for your lips, these new Lip Balms are going to delight you. First of all, they immediately fix dry lips. And trust me, I have the driest of them all. And not only does this silky balm keep them that way (thanks to sweet almond oil), they add some colour, so now your lips look not just good, but enticing! and the gentle colours - Soft Purple, Soft Peach and Soft Rose - ensure that they'll go everything in your spring and summer wardrobe.

And because I'm always dying for new colours each season, I'm head over heels for their new Nail Polishes that are so affordable, you can get the entire collection - Black Cherry, Red Berry, Pink Sorbet, Fuchsia, Pastel Pink, Electric Purple and Midnight Blue!

Sigh. I love Yves Rocher. They get it right every season. So get the Lumienelle Collection Spring 2012 before it's gone. You're going to l-o-v-e it!

Stephanie Dickison

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