Celebrate the Arrival of Spring - and Your Love of Shoes - With Shoegazing Notecards!

Every month or so, I send friends who live both far and near a little note to say that I'm thinking of them. It's my way of staying in touch.  But finding cards that appeal to a large crowd is tough - my friends are of such varying ages and have such disparate interests, that boxed cards don't usually work.

Shoegazing Notecards, however, will no doubt have my girls squealing with delight. I know I jumped and swooned as soon as I found them! Curated by Janine Vangool, creator of uber-cool UPPERCASE magazine, this delicious box contains 20 different cards showcasing self-portrait photos of shoes

Each card has its own distinct personality, making it easy to pair it up with the recipient. After all, our choice of shoes says so much about us, and there's something for everyone here.

I'm sending Carolyn Lagattuta's Apples (pictured below) to my friend Allison in New York:

And Pastel Hearts by Adriana Botello (pictured below) is heading on out to Carmen in Texas.

See how pretty they are? You can't not share them. Well, actually, there are a few I'm keeping to frame for on top of my dresser. I can't help it - they are soooo beautiful!

And even the envelopes are gorgeous - a light, buttery yellow with a white label area for the address. Sigh!

Get yourself Shoegazing Notecards, one of the best boxed card sets E-V-E-R!

p.s. Perhaps you should get a box for yourself to frame and another to give out and send to others. That way, you can frame them all!

Stephanie Dickison

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