Norpro's Grip-Ez Stir, Flip & Serve Tong Will Be Your Most Used Kitchen Accessory (other than the coffee maker)

I first fell for Norpro last Thanksgiving when I came across one of the best gadgets - Re-Usable Turkey/Poultry Timer. I still use it for when I'm cooking poultry. Not only does it work - it makes me giggle when the legs stick straight up! Now when was the last time a kitchen accessorize made you laugh?

Now I'm enamoured with their must-have accessory, the Grip-Ez Stir, Flip & Serve Tong!

See, I've been looking for the perfect tongs for decades. Something that grips the food without sending shooting pains up my arms like those cheap salad ones you see in supermarkets and buffets. Something that will work whether I'm turning a thin steak or serving string beans (the one I'd been using doesn't hold anything unless it's big). 

Not only does Grip-Ez Stir, Flip & Serve Tong do all of that but it's got a lovely silicone grip (when's the last time you felt a comfy handle on tongs?!),  they are safe to use up to 450ºF/230ºC, which means you can do everything from turning huge breasts of chicken to serving mini roasted potatoes right outta the oven.  Finally, no matter what they size, you'll be able to turn, lift and serve anything! And it's made so that you can lie it down on the counter and the grips stay raised above it, meaning you'll have less cleaning up to do. Cue the angelic choral music!

And I absolutely love the lock! My old ones used to have the most annoying little silver square you had to slip on and off in order to close it. Sometimes it wouldn't go on and often I had a hard time getting it off - which is just what you want when you've got something cooking in the over and if you don't turn it right then, you could ruin it. All you do with this one is pull at the "O" circle at the top to lock it and pull it out (with its comfy silicone paddding!) to release it.

The search for the perfect tong is over. 

Stephanie Dickison

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