My Latest Obsession? Loose Button's Luxe Box Beauty Subscription!

As much as as we'd both like to shop for beauty products every day, who has the time? Or the money. I mean, our hard-earned dough has got to go a long way and you want it to be on only the good stuff, right?

Which is why you're going to go c-r-a-z-y for Loose Button's Luxe Box Subscription!

This monthly subscription service delivers 4-5 deluxe beauty samples right to your door, in a sleek black box, as mine is pictured above.

You'll get everything from makeup and skincare to fragrance, body and haircare products - all hand-selected by Loose Button's stealth beauty team.

I loooove Luxe Box for many reasons:

1. You get to try out a lot of new products for not a lot of money.
2. It's a complete surprise every month.
3. It feels like your birthday when the box arrives, especially with that personalized sticker on it!
4. The sizes are small enough that you can not only use them daily, but keep them as luxe travel items so that while everyone else is stuck with the few brands available in small sizes at the drugstore, you've got a veritable beauty counter right in your carry-on!
5. These are deluxe-size samples, so you get enough to use it more than once. Very important when you're considering whether you want to purchase the full size version.
5. You'll never feel in a beauty rut again with new products arriving every month.

My March Edition Kit includes:  

Cargo Lash Activator, Consonant Ultra Moisturizing Organic Face Cream for Dry Skin, Chi Silk Fusion for Hair & Skin, as well as Loose Button's MyScent: a collection of scents that Loose Box put together. This month is all about Calvin Klein's Forbidden Euphoria, Kary Perry's Purr and Marc Jacob's Daisy Eau So Fresh.

Some of these lines I've tried before, some I haven't, so already I'm trying new stuff (and I do this for a living, so great job on the selections, Loose Button!) And it arrived just before a work trip abroad, so lucky for me, I'll be looking and smelling great thanks to my wonderful Luxe Box products.
Luxe Box subscriptions are only available in Canada and currently sold out, but you can join their waiting list, and we they'll send you an invitation to sign up as soon as spots open up.
Sign up now so that you can start receiving your own Luxe Box as soon as humanly possible!

Stephanie Dickison

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