Pretty Pink Socks from Mondor Are Perfection!

Spring is still a few months away (and really, doesn't it feel like forever already?), but sexy, strappy sandals and gauzy dresses are making their appearances in store windows already.


I want pretty, light things now.

Which is why underneath my black wool pants, dark wash jeans and on top of black and grey tights, I'm rocking the prettiest Pink Socks from Mondor.

These ankle length socks weren't made for just ballerinas and those that can dance en pointe. No, these beauties were made for you and I to bring a little brightness and femininity to our wardrobe. The ruffle mesh on the ankle adds visual interest when all you've got is a plain ol' pump going on (just think how cute these will be paired with your sweater sets and grey cashmere sweaters).

Made from 85% nylon, 15% lycra spandex, these light socks are completely weightless. Think of them as candy floss for your feet.
Mondor has fantastic fashion finds that add that little added something to your tired work gear.

Stephanie Dickison

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