Outfit Your Home with Blue Monocle's Gorgeous Antique Map Reproductions

Moving is one of the few times in life that you really assess what you have and what you need.

What I realized in moving to a new house over Christmas was that I was tired of some of the art we had. It was time for something new.

So I went in search of fascinating images and fell in love with Blue Monocle's Archival Reproductions of Antique Maps & Photos. Not only are you getting something visually beautiful, it brings with it great meaning and history.

You can choose from a number of different categories such as World Maps, World Regions, US Cities and subjects like Birds Eye Views, Street Scenes, Landmarks, Photochroms and Bridges. I love that there is so much variety, so you can really tailor to your interests and decor.

We came from living in a  charming 1920s building with hardwood floors  to a very modern, clean lined space with slick floors, so we knew that having something historic like this stunning reproduction print of an 1727 antique map of Amsterdam (pictured above).

What is astonishing is that it looks and feels like the real thing (I'm no Antiques Roadshow expert, but it fooled me). And for most of their prints, Blue Monocle can offer the map or photo is a range of sizes and print surfaces (smooth, thicker and textured, and canvas, for example), all for unbelievable affordable prices!

The Amsterdam print shows off not only rich colours, but you can see all of the fine lines and details. It is astonishing how finely crafted it is for this price!

I am so grateful to showcase such fine workmanship in my home. Outfit your home, office or cottage with art that really means something from Blue Monocle!

Stephanie Dickison

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