Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery Arrives at Staples - And It's Stunning!

I've never really cooked from Martha Stewart recipes or watched her many shows. But I do admire how organized and neat she is.

Though I am not a perfectionist or neat freak, I do love to organize my office and papers in the prettiest fashion and this is something Martha's been doing since before I was born.

So when I heard that her new line - Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery - just launched nationally at Staples Stores and online, I knew that suddenly my office was going to look very prim and uniform for the first time in a long time.

I have been using Avery labels for what feels like forever, so I already knew they were sturdy and always stuck. I couldn't imagine what Martha would do with them.

Well of course, the line is so much more than just labels.  There are journals and notebooks, sticky notes, folders, files and binders. All designed with sleek, clean lines and just a handful of colours, so that whatever you get,  goes with everything else - it's perfect!

First let's start with desk stuff - I am always looking for places to put all of my many, many papers away and still keep track of them, all the while wanting something ultra feminine and pretty, to boot. I found it all in the Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery File Pocket, 12" x 10-1/4" in Blue. It's see-thru, so even small bits are traceable, yet kept off of my precious desk real estate. The scooped opening means that I don't have to pry stuff outta there, just simply grab what I need and go. It comes with a removable adhesive that doesn't leave residue and is so sturdy, it will hold up to 50 pages of paper on your wall/fridge/filing cabinet/wherever you decide to put it. It's awesome.

Another beautiful (and also ingenious) way to file papers away comes in the form of 1/2 Cut Vertical File Folders, 9-1/8" x 12", Assorted Blue Pattern. How great it is to be able to file vertically for once? Sometimes it just takes a small tweak like this to change how you think and work. In fact, I love the file-it-from-the-top idea so much, I may just convert all of my files to this method. You get 6 files with 3 extremely swanky patterns, so your office gets a fast makeover without you having to lift a finger wallpapering or deciding on what paint to do the walls.

One of the loveliest binders I've come across is the 1" One-Touch Locking Rings Smooth-Finish Binder in robin's egg blue. It feels like a soft leather jacket and has a gorgeous fabric interior lining. This beauty holds 275 sheets and the rings hold 50% paper than ones of  the same 1" size. But perhaps my favourite feature is the soft button that you press to open and close the rings. So easy, so sophisticated, so brilliant - why would you use any other binder when you can use this?! 

To go in the binder, you have a ton of options of accessories. The Secure-Top Sheet Protectors  have 4 pockets per page. This allows you to store pictures, slips of paper and whatever you like easily. The top-loading clear sheets come 10 to a pack and are already 3-hole punched. Just put 'em in your binder and get organized. It really is that easy! Get the multi-coloured Plastic Dividers that you can write on over and over again - isn't it great to have a product that changes with your needs for once? And to keep tabs on all that you're doing (girl, how do you do it all?), the Planner Insert Notetabs and Sticky Notes guide you to the important parts of the piles and stacks of papers and files that you need right now.

One of my favourite features of the Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery line are the Labels, Tags and Bands that Martha's created. It is hard to find pretty labels and tags and even harder to find posh looking ones for a reasonable price. Martha has a wide range of looks and options so that whether you're labelling a jar of jam or creating a report for work, you'll find what you're looking for - in fact, you'll probably find so many that you like, that you'll end up getting them all.

These are just some of the features of this new spectacular line. I haven't even got to the lovely journals, notebooks and organizing desk accessories yet!

Sigh. I am completely smitten with Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery available at Staples. I am going to have the prettiest office on the block, all at a price I can completely afford.


Shop Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery now. Organizing has never been so much fun - or pretty!

Stephanie Dickison

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