Live in Canada? Want to Feel Lighter, Feel Better? Do the Total Cleanse!

It's February, but that doesn't mean it's too late to keep your resolutions of wanting to lose weight, eat healthier and get back on track.

Especially when you've got Total Cleanse at your side.

This incredible juice delivery service allows you to do short cleanses (1-3 days), without having to do any juicing yourself. You just focus on your work, your day, your life and let Total Cleanse bring the juices to you!

I had never been on a cleanse before for this very reason - my days are crammed with writing, interviewing, designing, cooking and eating - who's got time to juice and plan like that? And truthfully, I'm eating or cooking a great deal pretty much every day so trying to get a break in there is tough.

But after reading over and over that taking a break from eating is a great way to detox and also rethink what you've been eating, it just made sense to give it a try. Besides, I was also kind of looking forward to the rest it gives your body from all of that heavy digesting.

Because this was my very first cleanse, I was a little nervous about doing just juices so I did the Raw Food & Juice Combo for 1 day. I drink a ton of fresh juices and do each raw food from time to time, so these were not new elements for me, but I was doing a restaurant review the day before and then interviewing a chef a day after, so I was - as per usual - up to my ears in food. Juices alone would be for next time.

And yes, there most certainly be a next time.

Like people who are just learning to run or cycle or get their first tattoo get addicted, I can see how you would want to do this on a pretty regular basis.

Your delivery is left on your doorstep overnight in a large cooler bag. You pick it up in the morning and begin. The bag is then picked up after your cleanse. How extremely civilized! I could get used to this...

And now for how it went:

The juices were so vibrant and fresh - and surprisingly filling - that I looked forward to each one: Green Energy is like a salad in a bottle, Very Berry is sweet and quite revitalizing and Lemonade is spicy, yet very refreshing.

My lunch consisted of a humungous sandwich - Napoleon of Spinach, Avocado & Sour Creamed Cashews (raw kale caraway bread, avocado, olive oil, spinach, cashews, salt, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar and fresh thyme) - which was apparently 0 calories. When's the last time you had a zero calorie lunch?! And it filled me right up.

For dinner I had Raw Zucchini Lasagna with Cashew Ricotta (only 420 calories) that was tasty, but frankly really small, compared to what I usually wolf down for supper. Eep. I only had one juice left. Would I make it?!

I had forgotten about the quite ample Chocolate Almond Dream Raw Dessert. At only 150 calories, I was surprised at how much it filled me up (I eat professionally, so I can consume much more than you can imagine).

I made it through the day!

The fresh, unprocessed, wheat-free, gluten-free, mostly local and about 90% raw food was not what I was used to but I did feel more energized and my stomach was completely flat the whole day (I wish I'd known - I would have made it a bikini day somewhere!). I could feel the difference, even in that short amount of time. I felt optimized, like I'd been given an all-natural boost.

And that feeling lasted the rest of the week. What's funny is that every time I was tempted to reach for a piece of tempura or another slice of lamb, I stopped myself. I was sated more quickly.

Now, I'm not going to lie - 2 nights later, I was digging into an 8-course Italian dinner that finished with 3 desserts. But that was work. At home, I've been. Much, much better.

And you know what? I can't wait for the next time I can do the Total Cleanse. And maybe this time I'll do just the juices.

Hey, if I can do it, so can you. Get the Total Cleanse now!

Stephanie Dickison

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