It's Not Too Late to Get Organized - All You Need is Day-Timer's The Productivity Pro Planner!

How can it be February already? Didn't you have all of these plans for January that are still milling about?


It's all right. It happens to all of us. The good thing is that it's not too late to get organized and to get back on track. And one of the best tools for those who still like to plan on paper is The Productivity Pro Planner.

It brings the classic Day-Timer 2-page-per-day system that you might already know (I used it in the 90s with great success) back to life with the help of The Productivity Pro herself, Laura Stack.

Laura has authored a number of books (Leave the Office Earlier, Find More Time) and educates people and businesses about how to be more productive. And now she brings that expertise to Day-Timer with this Planner system. It includes the year's worth of 2-day-per-page refill, 2 page-per-month tabs, A-Z Filing Tabs and Performance Note Pad, 1 sheet of colourful dots and a black binder that looks and feels like leather, but is actually vinyl. In other words, everything you need to plan out your day and work that plan.

I am constantly striving to streamline my life - both personal and work - and while I love technology, I have always had my schedule on paper. It's just so much faster! And being a stationery addict, I love the feel of paper, of having it in my hand to hold and flip through. 

And did you know that you retain information better if you write something out over typing it? Studies show that we think differently and remember things more frequently by jotting things down, so if you haven't tried a paper system, maybe this is your opportunity! But as I said, I love both tech and paper, so I'll be using this in tandem with my computer system that syncs with my phone. 

I find being able to see my whole month at once really helps me not only stay on top of what I've got to do, but plan ahead. And it's not very often that you find a planner where you've got 2 pages dedicated to a single day! Just think - not only your schedule is available, but tons of room for notes, phone numbers, reminders and whatever else that you need to track throughout the day. No longer will you have to rely on piles of sticky notes or scraps of paper that you can never find - it's all right here in one place. 

Using those A-Z tabs means that finally you can organize your projects/clients/deadlines alphabetically. Just imagine the time you'll save! And I colour code my appointments so that I know immediately what type of meeting it is. Now I can colour code everything thanks to these lovely dots.

It really is a complete system

If what you have isn't working for you or you're itching to try something new, get yourself The Productivity Pro Planner

Stephanie Dickison

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