I'll Know It When I See It Greeting Cards Marks the Occasion with Style & Humour

Look, I'm just going to say it - you've got to up your greeting card game.

No more going to the big box stores and getting another cheesy message. Nu uh. It's 2012 and you've got to do better than that.

Cassie & Christine run this design studio out of Vancouver and actually specialize in  custom print design for weddings and stationery, though they have a selection of ready-made cards to select from. All cards have edge and humour to them, and paired with  fun, colourful graphics, it's a winning combination that distinguishes them from the rest.

Take their Dog Poo Birthday Card. Not something that you'd send to everyone on your list, but surely there will be a few celebrants that will find it funny. A similar kind of humour can be found on the You're a Fossil Card, Cake and Candles Card and You're Vintage. I love how the girls pair such a memorable message with such fun illustrations. 

They also do a number of sweet and cute cards like Well, Hello! Baby Card (pictured above) for instance. And their Love Is... Cards such as this one get you right here, don't they? And Shuttlecocks is just stunning on its own - no message needed except the one you include inside.

And I know that it's as important to you as it is to me that the quality is top notch. After all, you want the recipient to know how much you care. So know that the paper is thick, yet not stiff, the images are lush and yet impeccably crisp and the kraft envelopes are so nicely done, you'll want to keep them and the cards for yourself.

So get smart about your greeting cards and shop I'll Know It When I See It Greeting Cards, also available on Etsy.

These cards rock. And so do the girls that make 'em.

Stephanie Dickison

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