Step It Up This Valentine's Day with Taza Chocolate!

Although it seems like Christmas was just a few weeks ago (it kinda was), it's time to start thinking about Valentine's Day.

Now you could do what you always do and go to the mall, get a cheezy card because that's all they have and then stuff a gift card in it because you don't really know what get.

Let me help. Get some Taza Chocolate and watch the sparks fly.

Taza Chocolate is far beyond your usual chocolates. First of all, it's stone ground, organic, sustainable and direct trade certified, so you're getting a responsibly-made product that you can feel good in buying and supporting.

Secondly, it's made in a traditional fashion. It all evolved from a trip that cofounder Alex Whitmore took to Oaxaca back in 2005, which is how the company's dedication to "crafting artisan, Mexican-style chocolate in the United States" came to be.

Made in small batches by hand, you can actually see how your batch was made! You can't do that with those red and black boxes you no doubt used to pick up at the drugstore. 

And of course, all of this tender care and attention translates to a divine treat that is unlike any other chocolate you've ever had. Salted Almond Chocolate Mexicano Discs, for example, has an amazingly unique texture and texture. Made only with organic, single-origin Hispaniola cacao beans, organic cane sugar, whole organic raw, then roasted California almonds and kosher salt, this sweet and salty indulgence can also be used to make Mexican hot chocolate (I'm using mine to make Chicken Mole and to add spice and smoothness to my chilis as well - get the whole collection, pictured above).

If you want straight-up chocolate, this 87% Stone Ground Dark Chocolate Bar will satiate your craving, whether it's something you want to nibble on or use to bake your loved one a delectable dessert this Valentine's Day.

Once you've had Taza, it's hard to go back to anything else.

Be sure to check out the entire Taza Chocolate store - there is so much to see and discover!

Stephanie Dickison

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