Bring the Garden Indoors with Alighiero Campostrini's Bath Collection

Things tend to get a little stale in winter - the windows are sealed shut, air circulates at a snail's pace and everything seems to smell a little bit like roast squash.

That's why you're going to want to get yourself Alighiero Campostrini's Bath Collection.  

See, these soaps don't aspire to be or seem European - they actually are. For more than a century in fact. This artisan soap uses a secret family formula from 1894 and "ancient Tuscan soap-making techniques," that delivers a product that is so superior to the soap that you're used to, that you will abandon those drugstore bars immediately.

With every bar, you get a handmade creation. Vegetable oils, beeswax and glycerinare poured by hand into antique bronze molds. Then, Florentine botanical fragrances are added. These scents will completely captivate you, as will the packaging, with illustrations by Italian artist Giorgio Mattioli.

These vegetable soaps not only go a long way to giving you softer, smoother skin this season, they will fill your bathroom, chest of drawers, bedroom and kitchen with fresh, garden-inspired scents. 
The big brick of Primitivo brings Italy into your home. Rich with pure olive oil and a warm, earthy scent, this gorgeous soap will make you feel like you're staying in a rustic villa surrounded by flowers and gardens. They should just call soap "Vacation," which is why it also makes a wonderful gift. I mean, we can't all afford to be traipsing off the Italy every few months, but there's no reason we shouldn't be able to

It's also available in Frutatto, Verdone and Gentile.

Exclusively available at C.O. Bigelow, think of these fabulous soaps as not just rich skin moisturizers or cleansing bars - think of them as home fragrances that are also a fabulous gift that requires no gift wrapping.

Stephanie Dickison

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