EvolutionMan's Nail Varnishes & Paints Are a Fantastic Gift - For Both Sexes!

I know that this might be a bit of a leap for the fellas in your life, but EvolutionMan's Nail Varnishes and Paints are so sexy, they might just win him over. Especially if you swoon for them as much as I have.

The other bonus of getting them for him is that YOU can use them. And no doubt, you'll be the one hoarding them because the collection offers the most exquisite shades and textures and they dry quicker than anything you've used before. Yep, they're made for a man, but we're going to take them for ourselves! Sorry, fellas! But you can absolutely borrow them.... Take a look and see what I mean:

Pure Matte: You can't tell that you're wearing it, which is a way to ease your fella into wearing polish for the first time. And ladies, if you have a polish that you want to transform to matte (so unbelievably alluring, you won't be going back to gloss for awhile), just put this right on top. Also great for anyone who bites their nails. 

Pure Bling: Ooh, I love this one for when you want your nails to look taken care of, without adding any colour. The finish is so perfect (for some reason I think Kate Middleton would favour it) - high shine without being flossy or glossy. And the formula boasts nail protein, calcium, and vitamins C and E, so that your nail look good and stay strong. This is one of those standbys that you discover and then never let go of. This is a good next step for your fella too.

Pavement: Grey polish is super hot this season and it's no wonder - it goes with everything. This particular light dove shade has just enough shine on it to keep it from looking dull so it works with everything from skinny jeans and a tee to that rockin' dress you're wearing for New Year's Eve!

Stand Out: I always like to have edgy colours in my collection and one of the best I've ever found is this one. This medium grey has an incredible texture to it with a matte, metallic look that is part industrial, part fashion maven. And the concrete-style look and feel is completely bump free, so when you run your fingers over your painted nail, all you feel is complete and utter smoothness. None of my "girl" polishes do that!

Alter Ego: If I had to give out an award for most innovative colour, it would be Alter Ego. It is gorgeous and original and so completely beautiful that I'll probably have it on the next time you see me. It goes on like a dream - not a bump or ridge anywhere - and has such a unique quality to it that it is almost otherworldly. The metallic purple is so flattering (not too dark or light) that it is incredibly modern and seductive all swirled into one. Oomph, I think I'm in love.

If you're smart, you'll get one set for each of the fellas on your list and one for each of your gal pals. And whatever you do, don't forget to get a set for yourself. Not only are they completely alluring, they dry quickly and they last (I've been packing moving boxes for days now and not a chip anywhere!).

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Stephanie Dickison

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