Ethically Handmade Clothes & Accessories by Lowie are Pretty & Practical!

The temperatures have dipped here north of the border (the US/Canada border, that is) and yet, it's still warm enough to don your fall coat and get away with a light scarf and hat - Hallelujah!

That's why I'm thrilled to still be able to wear fall gear before the heavy winter stuff  has to come out. And there's no better place to find clothing and accessories than Lowies in the UK.

Whether you're shopping for yourself or others at this time of year, you're bound to find something to suit everyone:

- I am smitten with the Grey Tea Dress - warm and alluring, a perfect winter staple!

- The Coatigan is the perfect in-between coat and oh-so-stylish.

- I like that the Stripey Boatneck Top can look both very Mad Men and very 80s at the same time, depending what you pair it with.

- Everyone's wearing endless scarves this season, so stand out in the crowd in this unique Virgin Wool Crochet Neckwarmer. For some reason, in my head I call it the Helen Mirren...

- These Nordic Vintage Long Socks in Cream are not only gorgeous socks, they'd be great Christmas stockings, don't you think?

- A Skinny Belt in Red adds instant pop to your old LBDs and cinches your waist with your blousey tops worn over skinny jeans. Perfect!

- Whether your cross-country skiing or simply heading out for a city walk, this Hooded Snood will keep you warm and looking pretty hot too.

- Purses, tea towels and pretty bows - what great stocking stuffers!

This season, I am showing off my Lowie's Handmade Crocheted Fingerless Gloves in Black (pictured above). These pretty gloves have crochet details and a contrast velvet bow that makes me feel like a modern Doris Day or Grace Kelly. My hands stay warm while I can still access my touchscreen phone with ease, carry my groceries and hail a cab in style.
For me, it's the quality of materials and details of design that makes a piece stand out in the crowd. Lucky us, Lowie has a whole line of them. 

Stephanie Dickison

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