DesignZeit Has the Coolest Diary So You Can Plan the New Year in Style!

Every year, DesignZeit creates a new diary, giving you the opportunity to own a very limited-edition journal in which to record your appointments and commitments. Every year they include a colour editorial section on a visual arts topic (next year it's Australian architecture!). Isn't that soooo much better than something black, plastic and b-o-r-i-n-g from an office supply store that everyone and their brother is using?

The 2012 Edition is the beautiful A4 Architects & Designers Diary, featuring their 42nd topic - Comic Masters - An Idiosyncratic Overview. This scholarly commentary includes illustrations of Batman and Superman, L'i'l Abner, Joe Dope,  The Spirit and Star Ledger and is found at the front of the diary. The artwork is truly stunning - it's like having the original comics right at your side!

I love the large size format (8.25" x 11.75") and that it's not only hardcover, but you get to choose the rich cover material: Black linen cloth, Metallic steel charcoal with new hammered texture (currently sold out), and Iridescent Red/Russet with weave pattern that shimmers gold. Talk about personalizing it to your taste (again, why would you choose a black plastic one when you could have this?)!

I am also head over heels with what feels like a European layout with a full week-at-a-glance across the top of two pages. Under each day's white box is a space for notes, time sheets and expenses. This fits right in with my freelance lifestyle, but also works whether you're contract, a full-time employee or an entrepreneur.  I like that this is a different layout than most calendars I've used - it gives me a chance to work and think differently. What an opportunity to start the year off right.

Feel free to plan the hell out of this year and next with a 4-page year planner for 2012 and a 2-page forward planner for 2013. I know I'm going to! And for your convenience, there are also pages on international paper sizes and proof correction marks, as well as space for your most used names and addresses.

I spent a lot of time these last few months trying to find a planner that is really something. I found that and so much more in the 2012 Edition is the beautiful A4 Architects & Designers Diary from DesignZeit. And at the same price that you'd pay for a plain ol' boring one from the office supply store. 

Oh yeah, it's going to be a great year. Order yours now!

Stephanie Dickison

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