Catherine Benoit's Handmade One-of-a-Kind Glass Necklaces Are Perfect Presents

Christmas is quickly approaching and I know it's hard to try and come up with original gift ideas. I've been floundering for weeks trying to figure out presents for some of the people on my list.

One of my favourite recent finds is Catherine Benoit's Handmade Glass Necklaces from Montreal. A glass blower who makes many different items, Catherine has created unique and one-of-a-kind necklaces that will set your gift apart from the rest of the last-minute, store-bought presents that most people end up buying.

She says that, "For me, working with glass and with wax brings me indescribable pleasure, an incredible adrenaline boost and an exceptional artistical effervescence. When I'm working on a piece, anguish sets in until it is finalized. Once it is completely finished and ready to show to the public, that anguish disappears to be replaced by pride, the pride of seeing my work admired and appreciated by others while it comes directly from the deepest part of my imagination."

How amazing is that, to give a gift of handmade, hand-crafted artwork that someone can wear around their neck?
Catherine blows the glass at a temperature of 1100°C. The colour is added at the beginning of the process by fusion of the pigment glass to the transparent mass. 

To contact Catherine about her necklaces or her other work - Vases, Bowls, Plates, Sets, Sculptures, Drops of Joy, Candle Holders and Paperweights - please fill out the form on her website.

Stephanie Dickison

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