Two-Bite Pancake Bites Taste Like the Real Thing

Look, you can't always make everything from scratch and not everything that goes into your mouth is going to be healthy. At least not if you're like me - working full-time (and then some), trying to foster your creativity in your "free time," spending time with friends and family, cooking, cleaning and all the other "life stuff" that occurs (I cleaned out the fridge, figured out my grocery shopping list and all the errands I need to run this week, cleaned the bathroom and wrote 3 short articles all before 10 this morning).

So I think it's completely okay if you need a little help from time to time. Like in the form of pre-made pancakes!

Two-Bite Pancake Bites  - from the same lovely folks who brought you Two-Bite Brownies and Two-Bite Cupcakes - offer a wonderful solution to Moms on-the-go who need to get their kids fed in a flash before getting them off to school or those of us who are so glued to our computers that we look up and realize that we haven't had breakfast - which was 3 hours ago.

These pancake and syrup in one little morsels are made with real syrup baked in, so it's no wonder you'll feel like you're having a luxurious pancake breakfast no matter where you are. You can warm them in the microwave for a few seconds if you like or just pop 'em in your mouth at room temperature. Either way, you'll be reveling in the beauty of having pancakes without any of the batter mess and clean up!

There are two flavours to choose from - Morning Maple and Chocolate Chip.

So pick up Two-Bite Pancake Bites today and stop worrying about having one more meal to get on the table.

Stephanie Dickison

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