Make the Swtich to Alba Bontanica Mango Moisturizing Hair Wash

I wash my hair every day.
I know I'm not supposed, especially since I've been colouring my hair for decades, but I can't help it - I just don't feel clean head to toe otherwise.

So I select my shampoo very carefully - it needs to protect my colour as well as moisturize. So naturally I was excited about Alba Botanica Mango Moisturizing Hair Wash.

I like that it's a natural product using herbal extracts, botanical oils and plant proteins instead of the usual laundry list of chemicals. And that it treats my coloured hair, meaning that my colour will last longer and be brighter. It even protects my blond locks again sun and environmental damage - photo-aging, too!

Pineapple and papaya extracts cleanse your hair with their fruit enzymes so you won't get as rich a lather as you're used to, but that's a good thing (soap and chemicals are used to create that). And because it's enriched with certified organic aloe, awapuhi, tropical fruit extracts and kukui nut oil, you'll notice your hair feels clean and soft without feeling weighed down. And the fruity mango scent has a clean finish which hits just the right notes. 

So get yourself some Alba Botanica Mango Moisturizing Hair Wash and get clean naturally.

Stephanie Dickison

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