Make the Switch to Allen's Naturally Laundry Detergent!

A mainstream bleach company is now claiming to make "green" laundry detergent. I keep seeing people buying it and wonder how folks can be falling for that. It's nowhere near "natural!"

That's why you've got to get yourself Allen's Naturally Laundry Detergent

This amazing detergent cleans your clothes without leaving behind any residue or scent, and you no longer have to worry about chemicals next to your body or adding wear to your carefully selected wardrobe.  

Now there are some natural detergents that don't work, so I understand if you're skeptical. But believe me when I tell you that your clothes come out looking and feeling clean and fresh. And for once, you won't have to pay an arm and leg for detergent (when did shampoo, detergent and toilet paper become the price of a bottle of wine?)!

I got the Liquid Laundry Detergent Gallon (pictured above), which is an unbelievable bargain. Here, let me break it down for you:

Because it's a concentrated formula, you get an unbelievable amount of loads for the price: 512 loads per gallon in high-effciency machines, 128 loads in other machines! Don't you pay about 10 bucks for 20-something loads with your supermarket brand? Yeah, that's what I thought. This makes so much more sense as it costs you just 10 cents or less per load (if you wash your own diapers or uniform or if you're like me and wash your clothes often, can you imagine the savings?)

Be sure to get the Dispening Pump if you get the gallon size. It gives you 1 oz. per pump, or you can set it to the 1/4 oz. setting if you're using a high-efficiency washer. I just dispense what I need depending on how many loads of laundry I'm doing, which means I no longer have to lug a heavy bottle with me!

I am thrilled to have made the switch to something all-natural that's also so effective and don't cost more than I was paying for my "regular" detergent. In fact, Allen's is saving me money!

Be sure to shop the rest of the Allen's Naturally Cleaning Products while you're at it as well!

Stephanie Dickison

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