Mad Gab's New Wildly Natural Lip Shimmer Gives Me Soft, Supple Lips!

Despite the relatively warm weather so far, my lips have already gone into winter mode - dry, chapped and generally gross. I don't have naturally supple lips, so I have to work hard to keep them that way.

Mad Gab's New Wildly Natural Lip products get my lips soft in just one swipe! I simply put it on on my upper and lower lips and in two seconds, my lips went from scratchy and sore to soft and smooth. It works INSTANTLY -  I wish I could kiss you all just so you could see and feel the difference!

I tried Wildly Natural Lip Shimmer in Bronze first, which is undeniably sexy (think J. Lo, Beyoncé). The essential oil of peppermint gives you a fresh mouth and ingredients such as castor oil, shea butter, beeswax, lanolin, organic extra virgin olive oil, carmine, mango butter and vitamin E deliver instantaneous softness! This lip balm is staying with me AT ALL TIMES.

I love the pina colada vibe of Wildly Natural Lip Butter in Coconut Lime and the sheen of colour that the Wildly Natural Lip Gloss in Plum delivers.

The other fact I love? That these natural products are so affordable. Finally I can afford to have soft lips for the season.

I might just have to set up a kissing booth now...

Shop Mad Gab's Lip Products now. Ooh, these are great stocking stuffers!

Stephanie Dickison

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