Indulge & Protect Your Lips This Season with Mèreadesso Lip Treats

The party season has begun. Which means the holiday event invitations have started arriving and the need to amp up your look is required.

Because I have naturally dry lips, I am constantly trying ot keep them moisturized. With Mèreadesso Lip Treats, it's easy.

That's because this amazing brand (I wrote about their stunning body balm back in 2010) utilizes prime ingredients that deliver, such as evening primrose, grapeseed, coconut and sunflower oils, as well as Vitamins A, C and E. So go bare- lipped and still look sexy, or use it before applying your gloss or lipstick. There's no slick feeling, which I love and it's still going long after application.

It feels clean and smells slighly lemony to me - so much better than the hefty bubble gum or scented candle aromas that often accompany balms.

So celebrate the season without the embarrassment of dry lips with Mèreadesso Lip Treats.

Something tells me someone's going to be under that mistletoe all night now...

Stephanie Dickison

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