Heidi Klum's Fragrance Shine Brings Joy a Little Bit Closer

It's hard to describe what happiness smells like, but it seems like Heidi Klum's New Fragrance Shine figured it out and bottled it.

This is a incredibly warm scent with varying levels playing in the forefront and simmering in the background. If cashmere had a scent, this might be it too! It's been described as having an oriental and floral composition, thanks to mandarin, pink pepper and pear tangling with mimosa absolut, lily of the valley and sunflower. But for me, the base notes are what really come through on my skin - vanilla, Venezuelan tonka beans and Cosmone musk - and what makes me feel like I'm enveloped in complete sunshine and happiness.

This ultra-feminine scent really represents Heidi's timeless and classic look and feel and the curvature of the bottle, finished in a cap of gold, brings a little of the supermodel luxe life right to you.
Now wouldn't this make a wonderful present this holiday season?

Shine is available in select drug and mass retailers across Canada now.

Stephanie Dickison

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