Daycraft's New Notebook Collections Are Sublime!

I am very serious about my stationery. I am one of those crazy folks who thinks long and hard about it - especially notebooks. I consider how it feels, what's the weight of the paper is like and does it open and stay open easily if I need it to?

Daycraft is one of the most extraordinary companies around, making gorgeous notebooks that you can't wait to run your hands across and that you can't wait to use. I believe that you should only use notebooks that make you deliriously happy. Daycraft's Slab and Astrology Notebooks are simply the cream of the crop and every time I reach for them, they make me giddy!

I got the Slab Notebook in Wood (pictured above) and was shocked to see that the notebook was not encased in wood, but the edging of the pages and covers have been made to look like wood grain. It fooled me! And how decadent to be seemingly writing on wood - Ooh la la! The lined cream coloured pages are insanely smooth and rich, giving you an extraordinary writing surface (it makes such a difference). And there's 360 pages, so you can stash it in your bag or briefcase and always have a great place to write. In fact, it's the perfect size to capture your thoughts and dreams, class notes, shopping lists, rough draft of your novel and whatever else you want to write down before you forget. This is one of the most memorable notebooks you'll ever see, which is why you'll want to not only get one for yourself, but that long list of people on your holiday list as well!

For the horoscope-lovers on your gift-giving list this year, you've simply got to get them the Astrology Notebook! The black cover feels like buttery leather and is encrusted in the zodiac constellation of your choosing in, get this - Swarovski crystals! What a luxe gift. I love the landscape format and that the white paper is adorned with tiny grey stars. Note-taking has never been so heavenly! It comes ready to give, with its gift box packaging, so all you need is to attach a small tag or bow.

Shop the entire Daycraft collection this season for Notebooks, Sketchbooks and Diaries. We often won't get ourselves such nice things, putting up with thin, flimsy pads and lacklustre notebooks and calendars. That's why they make such wonderful gifts.

Stephanie Dickison

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