Crispin Finn's Handmade 2012 Year Planner Will Change Your Life!

I have long loved planning, but it's never been more challenging than through my work as a freelancer. My schedule is all over the place, sometimes changing hourly. So you'd better believe I need a calendar that offers me a view of the big picture. Oh, and it better be damn pretty too...

So you can imagine my immense delight when I came across Crispin Finn's Handmade 2012 Year Planner.

Never before have I seen such a cheerful space to fill my year's commitments. The thin, light red and teal lines are both contemporary and harken back to the days of penny candy and church basement suppers. This dynamic duo uses this colour scheme for everything!

Celebrating it's fourth year of printing, this calendar sells out quickly, so place your orders now. This year's edition comes with  new improvements:

- a larger space in which to write your dates and committments
- weekends are easy to spot now being topped with a thick banner
- public holidays (the calendar is made in the UK so they might not correspond to your holidays, but don't let that stop you from celebrating them) are denoted with a trim of airmail stripes.

Just imagine what having the entire year in front of you to see will do to your productivity and how it could change the course of your life by what you do, what you focus on.

What a fantastic present to give someone - a year chock full of possibilities and an art poster that you get to write on!

This embossed 2 colour screenprint  is made on 100% recycled, biodegradable white paper. It is almost as wide as my armspan (read: wall size isn't a big enough term). Each planner comes hand folded and sealed in a screenprinted brown kraft bag and is delivered in a protective hardwearing envelope to protect it during mailing.

Buy Crispin  Finn's Handmade 2012 Year Planner nowBuy 20. And be sure to check out the rest of their cool and amazing designs. You might just be able to complete your gift giving list before December 1st this year!

Stephanie Dickison

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