Clayboys Makes Wonderfully Cheeky Cards - Just in Time for the Holidays!

Once you lay eyes on a Clayboys card, you can't help but smile, or perhaps more embarrassingly - burst out laughing in the greeting card aisle.

That's just the kind of naughty and cheeky humour that Michael & Regan have created.

And they were kind enough to create some for the holidays, such as Peace Soup which is sweet and yet, darn good-looking too (it also makes me want soup). There are also a bunch of ones that incredibly racy, for your friends live on the wild side.

Birthdays continue throughout November and December for our friends and family, so I am pretty excited to give my twitter-savvy friends this Social Networking card and for the older folks who are tech-savvy, iSenior Moments is guaranteed to deliver chuckles all around.

For the art-lovers on my list, this Frida Khalo card will set off the giggles, and for any Oz or Wicked fans, this card will get a round of applause. There are some people are your list that will no doubt find this card hilarious and I know of one fella whose birthday lands in November that this Ka-Ka card will be perfect for.

If you know someone that's into astrology, I like the Stars cards a lot. They are great fun!

So whether you want funny or edgy, Clayboys has it all.

Stephanie Dickison

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