Ribs, Chops, Steaks & Wings Makes Dinnertime Fun Again!

Oh how I love meat.

Though I have been cooking for decades, I still have a long way to go in terms of learning how to cook each protein to perfection. And like most home cooks, I tend to make the same dishes over and over again. It would be nice to add some variety to our dinnertime and the food I make for the occasional parties and get-togethers that I host.

So how amazing to have 40 scrumptious meat recipes to cull from. All recipes are made for cooking on the grill, stovetop and in the oven, so no special equipment is required. Which is perfect, as I don't have an inch of countertop or cupboard space to spare.

Ribs are a great dinner item, but they can seem redundant after the 5th time you make them. That's why I love the range of different ideas here, like Spare Ribs Cooked with Sauerkraut, Grilled Country Ribs with Sauteed Apples and Beef Short Ribs with Zinfandel Sauce. Oh. Mawh. Gawd.

Chops are usually an affordable option, but rarely are they exciting. That's all changed now that I'll be adding Bourbon-Soaked Pork Chops and Grilled Stuffed Pork Chopped with Dried Cherries and Bacon to my repertoire this season.

Steaks are one of those things that once you learn to do well, you no longer have to rely on going out for a fantastic steak dinner, so I'm going master making the King of Steaks: The Porterhouse with a Homemade Steak Sauce, the Queen of Steaks: Filet Mignon Stuffed with Blue Cheese and Chili-Rubbed Rib-Eye Steaks with Cilantro Butter. What a fun fall project, don't you think?

Ahh, wings. When they are good, they are really good, but they can be quite hard to track down (despite being a restaurant reviewer and food writer, they are . That's why it's good to have your own tried-and-true recipes to turn to when you're in the mood for some finger-lickin' good times. To keep things exciting at home, I'm spending my weekends cooking up some Dry-Rubbed Chicken Wings with Remoulade Dipping Sauce, Bacon-Wrapped Chicken Wings and for those nights when I don't want to exert too much energy, Pig Wings.

This awesome book offers not only the recipes for the meat, but the rubs, sauces and salsas that go along side 'em.

I'm going to cook this book cover to cover. Wanna join me?

Stephanie Dickison

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