Protect Your Beloved Technology with Wrapsol

Our technology is now how we live our lives - how we bank, communicate, work and plan. 

So you want to protect it, don't you?

I just got a new phone, so naturally I want to keep it as pristine as possible. These puppies aren't cheap you know. So I went in search of the best protective films and that's how I found Wrapsol

The Wrapsol Ultra protective film wrap is "the most durable drop and scratch protective film technology you can get for your device."  Made from advanced high strength polyurethane and using a 100% dry application process that actively releases air bubbles, you get a sensitive touchscreen that is now protected from bumps, scratches and smudges. Even drops!

Oh, and Wrapsol goes that extra mile and offers you front AND back films, so the back of your device is protected as well. The custom-cut films are made for your specific device - they already had one for my phone that is so new, there's barely any accessories available for it.

I love the application handles that allow you to get your film just where you need it to be, the fact that they include a cleaning cloth so that you ensure you're protecting a clean screen and the mini squeegee that ensures you won't have to live with annoying air bubbles anywhere on your phone. They even included cut-out film for the thin sides of my phone. Just to ensure it's completely protected! And the fact that it's quick and easy to apply the films means I'll continue to use Wrapsol for whatever gadgets I get along the way.

Why would you use anything else?

I also got Wrapsol for the iPad, but they'll cover just about any tablet you've got. And if you've got any of the MacBooks, they'll cover those too - front and back!

My computer and phone are my life. And now they're protected by the very best. Talk about peace of mind.

Stephanie Dickison

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