Look Younger, Thanks to Dr. Jules Nabet Skincare

I just had a big birthday last week and it raised a lot of questions about how I feel about aging.

While I am enjoying learning more about myself and the world around me with each passing year, I'm not so crazy about the wrinkles, dark spots and other signs of aging. That's why I am grateful to have found Dr. Jules Nabet Skincare.

Dr Jules Nabet is a leading doctor in his specialised field of aesthetic medicines practising in his clinics in  Paris and London. His products are made to penetrate the skin so that you get smooth, radiant skin that lasts.

It turns our that recent clinical research has shown  that the skin has hormone receptors which detect the decline of hormone levels as women age. This natural decline of estrogen and progesterone is one of the main causes of wrinkles, sun spots and other signs of aging. Launching this year in the States, he has now created a unique line of all-natural skincare products that work to balance the hormone receptors in the skin. By using ingredients like soy and yam,  they "trick" the skin to think estrogen and progesterone are present thus slowing the process of aging.

Take his L. Boxin Cream (pictured above) for instance. This anti-wrinkle cream works like botox without any of the paralyzing affects. You simply apply it at night and wake up to supple, firmer skin.

For day and night, I love Dr. Nabet's Zen Lotion. Spraying this lotion on your face and neck after cleansing feels so good. And the scent of white lilies that comes with it is like aromatherapy! How they got such a rich lotion in a spray, I'll never know, but micro-encapsulated pure oxygen and vitamin C work on all of your trouble spots, giving you a radiant glow - all before you've applied a stitch of makeup.

If you want to look good both now and for years to come, get yourself Dr. Jules Nabet Skincare.

I know it's working because I certainly don't look my age.

Talk about a fabulous birthday present!

Stephanie Dickison

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