Get Sparkling Floors with Holloway House Floor Cleaners

It doesn't matter if you have light or dark floors, they are going to look dirty (for a very funny take on the subject, read about it in Life's Too Short to Fold Fitted Sheets). So how do you keep them looking their best as long as you can?

Holloway House Floor Cleaners managed to turn my dull dark hardwood and white tiled floors brighter and sparklier than they've ever been.

Quick Shine Floor Finish
gives your floor a great finish without leaving behind a yellow, slippery waxy buildup like those other floor finishes. And you don't have to use it on just hardwood - it works on laminate, tile, vinyl, stone and most other hard surface floors! Quick Shine No-Bucket Floor Cleaner got rid of the scuffs from our shoes, the caked on mud from all the rain we've had and the duck fat (there's none greasier) that slid down the front of my stove into a puddle on the floor - all without any scrubbing or futzing about. And with the added benefit of a fresh burst of clean air freshener with each motion. Ahhh!

So go ahead and swab the deck.- simply quirt it on the floor and swath your moistened mop over it. It's really that effortless - without any streaks or bubbles.

It's safe to use around kids and pets, which means I can use it on the kitchen floor where Cosmo's bowls are and not worry about making him sick with chemicals. And as an added bonus, a little liquid goes a long way, so the bottle lasts and lasts.

For me, I like things to be clean, but I'm done with scrubbing and huffing and puffing over a clean floor.

Holloway House makes my floors brilliant and sparkly. It might look like I scrubbed them, but I hope that can be our little secret.

Stephanie Dickison

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